For most people, both big “T” and little “t” trauma are felt viscerally and therefore requires an approach that recognizes the body-mind system. When we are triggered, it is difficult to use skills or our rational brain to override the message that we are in danger. And these same triggers persist even when we know full well there is no danger.

We need to believe and act in the belief that the past is indeed over and that we are entitled to peace, self love and acceptance, safety, and joy.

Through careful attuning to the client and using a timeline of events, I work with you to increase neural integration and resolve fragmentation caused by trauma. Lifespan Integration repairs attachment wounds, harmful self scripts, specific traumas, and painful and/ abusive relationships.

As a certified Lifespan Integration therapist, I work with clients to heal trauma, ease anxiety and depression and help manage challenging life transitions. Unlike other therapies, Lifespan Integration is experiential and uses gentle bottom-up processing to increase neural integration and attain resolution.

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Many clients begin noticing greatly reduced reactivity, a more intuitive sense of healthy boundaries, a more internalized sense of self regard and kindness to self and others. What I have consistently found in this process is that we are able to accomplish much more in a shorter span of time than traditional talk therapy. 

I am dually licensed in Washington and California state, and see clients both virtually and face-to-face. I work with a variety of adult clients, some of whom have never been to counseling before and others who have seen many therapists over the years. 

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We work together to address your top priority needs and create a plan that includes a variety of protocols and some homework during the week. It is common to periodically assess progress and get you back on your way in life.

You can explore more about Lifespan Integration on the Lifespan Integration site. I welcome any questions and concerns you may have about the process or methodology.

I believe each one of us is handling life the best way we know; this methodology honors these survival strategies and learned skills, while opening up numerous possibilities to live the life we have always dreamed.